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CSS Jobs Salary In Pakistan

People who want to apply for CSS Groups must understand the CSS jobs salary in Pakistan and official facility allowances in Pakistan in 2021.  After some experience, it exceeds 70,000 rupees.  After passing the competitive examination, you will be hired at the BS-17 salary scale, and then when you are promoted, your basic salary scale will also increase. First, you are appointed as assistant commissioner, and then as a collector, assistant collector, and high commissioner.

CSS Jobs Salary In Pakistan

After passing the exam, you will be hired by the federal government and have a police officer work in the police or public administration.  Then, some CSP officers work in the customs department, while others work in the income tax department.  All in all, you can remember to provide BS-17 scores to these CSS officials first, and then gradually promote them.  Their basic salary is about 70,000 rupees, and these officials also receive allowances and conveniences.

What Is CSS?

CSS is the abbreviation of Central Superior Services (CSS). CSS is a permanent bureaucratic elite organization and civil service system, responsible for the management of Pakistan's civil bureaucracy, government secretaries and cabinet offices. Candidates who pass this exam are eligible to be recruited as government officials in the Gazette for BPS-17 positions and able to get CSS jobs salary in Pakistan.

When is the CSS test performed?

Usually, this test is carried out in February each year.  Announce the test date through an advertisement.

Services for conducting CSS testing:

The following are the departments or services that take the exam to fill vacancies;

·         Railway

·          Pakistan Police Department

·          Management department

·          Information department

·          District Management Group

·          Commercial and Trade Services

·         Postal Service Group Pakistan Audit and Accounting Services

·         Military District and Township Group

·         Income Tax Group

·         Pakistan Foreign Service

·          Customer Service

Shahzad Arbab, a consultant for the Personnel Department of the Prime Minister’s Office of Pakistan said that Central Advanced Services (CSS) applicants must now accept and pass the mandatory CSS screening test before they are eligible to take the exam.

Eligibility criteria:

 The following briefly describes the eligibility criteria for this test.


Candidates must have Pakistani nationality.


Candidates can apply for CSS Jobs with a bachelor's degree accredited by HEC.  Candidates with three equal points for a bachelor's degree can apply for an exam if they have obtained higher credits for a master's degree. 


The age criteria for candidates 21 to 30 years.For government employees or candidates belonging to recognized tribes, the relaxation is more than 2 years, which means that these candidates can be over 32 years old.

Structure of the CSS exam in Pakistan?

The CSS exam involves four different types of tests. You need to prepare for the theory exam, medical exam, psychological exam, and Viva Voce to pass the CSS Exam. There is a main four parts test.

Theory Test

The written test of CSS consists of 12 papers out of which six papers are required and six you can choose on your own.You have to get 40% share marks in the results of the required subjects and 30% marks in the optional.

Medical Test and Physiological Test

 Once the written test is completed, the next job as a CSS student is to take the medical test. Medical defense determines a candidate's health. Candidates who do not meet the medical requirements will not be selected.  If you are a disabled candidate, you must submit a certificate of disability issued by a recognized authority in advance. People with physical disabilities can take the CSS exam in four disciplines.

·         Pakistan Audit and Accounts department

·         Postal Services Department

·          Business and Trade department

·          Information Services Department

 According to special requirements, helpers can also be provided to candidates with physical disabilities, who can help them during the exam.

Where is the CSS exam in Pakistan?

CSS exams are held in many cities in Pakistan, such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Abbottabad, Peshawar, Bahawalpur, Draghazi Khan, Faisalabad, D.I. Khan, Gilgit, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Kuzdal, Larkana, Multan, Ocala, Muzaffarabad, Quetta, Rawalpindi, Sargodha,  Skardu, Sialkot and Sukkur.  However, the CSS exam interview courses are only held in five major cities, namely Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, and Peshawar.css.

The CSS Exam is conducted in February and March each year.  Advertisements announcing these exams are usually published in newspapers in September.   

How to apply for the CSS exam online?

An online application must be submitted.  If you are also a CSS applicant and want to get CSS jobs salary in Pakistan, you need to pay attention to the following required information, such as CNIC number, bank details, mention of optional subjects, details of the applicant's education and professional experience.  All information must be punched on the Internet carefully and correctly, because the information provided in the online application form cannot be modified in the future.  After submitting the online application for CSS  you will receive a confirmation email having a tracking ID.

On the FPSC website, you can find all the content of CSS groups, application form, checklist, and syllabus. To avail, the opportunity of CSS jobs salary in Pakistan download the challenge form and deposit fee into the nearest national bank in Pakistan before the final date.  Deposit the fee under the subject C02101-State Examination Agency (FPSC recipient). Send a printed copy of the application submitted online along with the required documents to HQ.

History of CSS Jobs

Pakistan’s civil service system was established in accordance with Article 240 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1973. In the case of the federal government, the federal and provincial governments must pass the "Parliament Act" and the "Provincial Assembly Act" in the Provincial Legislation Act to regulate their civil service systems.  The civil service system established by the British Raj during the colonial period was reformed in 1973 in accordance with administrative reforms.  All services and service categories are abolished by law. The use of service tags is also prohibited (see ESTACODE-2010, which is an established code authorized and issued by the federal government. It contains all valid laws, rules, and instructions applicable to the federal civil service).  The title of the position has also changed, and all services have been merged into "Pakistan All Unified Levels-(APUG)". Legally speaking, there is no service called "Pakistan Central Superior Service" (CSS). The term came up in an examination conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission to appoint officials in the APUG career group for entry-level positions. The FPSC holds a joint competitive examination every year, the title of which is the "Central Superior Service" examination, which survived the reforms during the colonial period.

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